Alaimo Group • Mount Holly, New Jersey
Gary W. Lattimer,
Senior project Manager

“To Whom It May Concern:

The odor control equipment on the Mount Holly project has been designed around synthetic media biotrickling towers. After the Award of the bid, the odor control low bidder (and basis of design) were not able to preform cand MUA requested the Contractor to find an alternative biotrickling filter supplier. BioAir Solutions was selected as the technology of choice, despite being a relitively new company, the years of exprience and professionalism displayed by the management team proved them qualified for the job. the project was on a very short time line requiring that submittals and equipment be turned around quickly of the engineering arrived on site when they said they would. I highly recomend BioAir Solutions as an odor control equipment supplier, and you will quickly see that they are a very experience and professional team that lives up to their promises.”

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