BioAir Solutions LLC

Since 2008, BioAir Solutions has actively advanced the science of odor and emissions control. Our breakthrough treatment technologies allow for better air treatment in smaller reactors, thanks to a firm focus on research, development, and process design. BioAir’s dedication to innovation and efficiency drives the development of better treatment technologies for our customers, every day.

BioAir started small, but we’re proud to have grown to 50 employees in two offices on two continents. Our team consists of degreed mechanical, chemical, biological, environmental and electrical engineers, a focused group of scientists dedicated to Research and Development, and an exceptional international support staff. It’s our global team’s deep wealth of knowledge and experience that allows BioAir to continue to lead the odor and emissions control industry. Our commitment to efficient design, attention to detail, and strong focus on service has allowed us to achieve 100% process performance success, at over 250 installations in 12 countries around the world.

BioAir custom-designs every piece of odor control equipment we deliver. We design systems the size of two-story buildings, and units small enough to fit in the bed of a pickup truck. Our technologies can treat any odor concentration, with no upper limit, at applications both industrial and municipal. In short, BioAir’s can address the odor and emissions needs of nearly any facility.

Call us today to find out how our team can help with your facility’s odor and emission issues, we look forward to talking with you!