Methods for managing industrial odorsDecember 2017
Challenges posed by industrial odors intensify as population growth sends commercial and residential developments sprawling toward industrial sites.
In response, an entire industry has risen to meet the needs of industrial sites facing nuisance odor complaints or mandates to eliminate regulated emissions .

Biology in the biofiltration processNovember 2017
Next-generation odor control technology, such as biotrickling filters, takes the main principles of common biofilters and amplifies their effect.
But these advances —and the advantages they present over more rudimentary biofiltration processes— often go unrecognized because they’re not well understood.

Top 4 considerations for brewery and food odor controlNovember 2017
In the food and brewing industries, you can count on there being odors. And while some of the smells can be pleasant, foul smells can cause serious problems inside —and outside— a facility.
Facility managers can get a head start on developing their brewery and food odor control solution by understanding the problem in greater detail. Here’s what you need to consider.

Identifying odor control needs in manufacturing operationsOctober 2017
The emission of odorous air is a fact of life across all industries—from food & beverage to paper production and from oil & gas to pharmaceuticals.
Over the years, the problem has become familiar: As populations increase, residential developments creep closer and closer to industrial facilities that generate odors. Industrial facility leaders know they need to eliminate odors, but they often don’t know much more about how to do it.

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