Alaimo Group • Mount Holly, New Jersey
Gary W. Lattimer,
Senior project Manager

“To Whom It May Concern:

The odor control equipment on the Mount Holly project has been designed around synthetic media biotrickling towers. After the Award of the bid, the odor control low bidder (and basis of design) were not able to preform cand MUA requested the Contractor to find an alternative biotrickling filter supplier. BioAir Solutions was selected as the technology of choice, despite being a relitively new company, the years of exprience and professionalism displayed by the management team proved them qualified for the job. the project was on a very short time line requiring that submittals and equipment be turned around quickly of the engineering arrived on site when they said they would. I highly recomend BioAir Solutions as an odor control equipment supplier, and you will quickly see that they are a very experience and professional team that lives up to their promises.”

Alaimo Group, 200 High Street, Mount Holly, NJ 08060 • 609-267-7452

Allen A. Myers, A Company of American Infrastructure
Worcester, Pennsylvania

“Dear Mr. LeRoux:

cI would like to take this opportunity to thank BioAir, and you in particular, for your participation in making our Mount Holly project a success. The owner and engineer had no prior experience with your company and were hesitant about accepting BioAir as an alternate vendor.

Allan A. Myers, 1805 Berks Road, Worcester, PA 19490 • 610-584-6020

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority • Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

To whom it may concern;

At the ACUA we take our responsibility to our customers, neighbors and the environment as a matter of utmost importance.

On occasion, we are faced with conflicting priorities and one of these is the use of odor mitigating chemicals in the collection system. The problem is how to manage the sewer collection system and at the same time ensure a safe and pleasant (air quality) environment for people that live, travel or recreate near the collection system.

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority, 6700 Delilah Road, Ecjg Harbor Twp., NJ, 08234-5623 • 609.272.6950

The Mount Holly Municipal Utilities Authority
Mount Holly, NJ

In 2003 the Mount Holly Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) was contemplating an upgrade and expansion of its aging wastewater treatment facilities. A preliminary step in the process was to identify and establish the ultimate goals of the upgrade and expansion. From the onset it was abundantly clear that any upgrade and expansion must include an effective odor control system as an integral part of the project.

The Mount Holly Municipal Utilities Authority, 37 Washington Street, PO Box 486, Mt Holly, NJ 08060

Moalajah FZC • Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

Eric Tranchant, General Manager

“We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by BioAir Solutions. Indeed, they have been instrumental in understanding our needs in order to propose solutions entirely fit for our purpose. We highly recommend BioAir Solutions, a company that does not only provide excellent, robust and reliable H2S treatment systems, but also offer very competent engineering support.”

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