Odor Control for Consulting Engineers

We have the professional team and proven technology you need
The professional management team of BioAir Solutions includes individuals with many years of experience in all aspects of the municipal biological odor control industry, as well as many years of experience working with consulting engineers to develop,implement and support air purification systems. We understand your needs and are committed to excellence through all phases of project execution – design, delivery, start-up and service. BioAir’s unique advantages include:

Pioneering technology
BioAir’s leaders have applied their in-depth knowledge to pioneer a new generation of biotrickling filter technology that is already setting new standards in the industry.

Uniform structured EcoBase Media – designed for superior performance The key to uniform performance is uniform media characteristics. BioAir systems use the proprietary uniform structured design of our EcoBase™ synthetic media. Its unique characteristics include:

  • Uniformly available surface area
  • Uniform flow distribution
  • Uniform biomass contact time

In addition, our systems offer superior process control of the critical factors of moisture content, pH and nutrients. Overall, these advantages result in longer media life and a controlled steady-state process for long-term consistent performance.

Ecological and economical
BioAir units shrink cost of ownership by eliminating odors using absolutely no expensive chemicals and no consumables, while keeping maintenance and energy costs to a minimum. All systems are “plug and play” for easy installation, simple to operate, and simple to maintain.

Safe, environmentally friendly solutions
BioAir systems have no negative impact on the environment, and no safety risks due to hazardous chemicals.

BioAir Solutions Odor Control Solution

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