Structured Synthetic Media


Proprietary uniform structured design for superior performance
The proprietary uniform structured design of our EcoBase® synthetic media (patent pending) provides multiple uniform characteristics, including uniformly available surface area, uniform flow distribution and uniform biomass contact time. These uniform media characteristics are the key to uniform system performance. Specific key advantages include:

  • Optimized mass transfer of both inorganic and organic odorous compounds through controlled air turbulence.
  • Treatment of higher odor loadings by increased bacterial population in the reactor.
  • Enhanced removal of targeted odor compounds by controlling the micro-environment in the reactor to proliferate the growth of specific bacterial species.
  • Elimination of plugging by engineering flow channels into the media.
  • Homogeneous air flow by maintaining uniform structure, density variations through the media bed are eliminated and uniform flow distribution is ensured.

Overall, these advantages result in longer media life and a controlled steady-state process for long-term consistent uniform performance.


USA and Worldwide patents pending