EcoFilter, Biotrickling Filter With Cost-Effective, Exceptional Performance and No Negative Environmental Impact
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EcoFilter® Biotrickling Filter

Exceptional, cost-effective, proven performance that expands with your needs!
EcoFilter® delivers unmatched odor control performance using a new generation of filtering and media technology for reliable and long-term removal of both inorganic and organic odors.

EcoFilter® provides state-of-the-art performance with superior process control of the critical factors of moisture content, pH and nutrients. EcoFilter® incorporates BioAir’s breakthrough proprietary EcoBase® structured synthetic media (patent pending). The unique uniform characteristics of EcoBase® deliver uniform performance, across the media bed and through the life of the system.

The key advantages of this total system include:

  • Optimized mass transfer of compounds.
  • Treatment of higher odor loadings.
  • Enhanced removal of targeted odor compounds.
  • Elimination of plugging.

EcoFilter®  can be tailored to meet your exact needs.
You never have to buy more system than you need, because EcoFilter is easy to expand and upgrade, scaling to meet your requirements now and in the future. No negative environmental impact

EcoFilter® eliminates odors using absolutely no hazardous chemicals and no consumables. It’s the ideal environmentally friendly solution to your odor control needs!

Other key advantages:

  • Very low maintenance
  • Incredibly low operating costs
  • Compact design solves footprint challenges

Still using chemicals?
BioAir can save you the monthly cost of chemicals and the headache of maintenance by replacing your existing scrubber. Paybacks are in as little as 18 months, or choose a lease-to-own option. Like the belt and suspenders approach? Put the EcoFilter® in front of your chemical scrubber and just turn the chemicals off!

There is simply no more reliable, cost-effective and customizable air purification solution than EcoFilter, for any size municipal or industrial treatment facility!

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USA and Worldwide patents pending