EcoPure® Mini

Two technologies. One tiny package. Zero odor.

miniSay goodbye to odor and to enormous odor control systems with the EcoPure® Mini, a miniaturized unit with all the power of our EcoPure® dual-technology odor solution. This revolutionary product combines BioAir’s breakthrough biological EcoFilter® technology (using our EcoBase® structured synthetic biotrickling filter media) with an EcoSorb polishing step in an incredibly small, discreet package.  The EcoPure® Mini is perfect for sensitive locations with limited space, where a larger unit simply will not fit.


The EcoPure® Mini unobtrusively produces the lowest possible emissions, eliminating 95% of organic odors and >99.5% of H2S using absolutely no hazardous chemicals, delivering reliable, consistent, long-term performance with very low operating costs and a tiny footprint.


One-Step Installation
The EcoPure® Mini comes pre-installed on a stainless steel skid, pre-piped and pre-wired. Installation takes place in less than a day, with complete odor removal achieved instantly. Units are available immediately from stock and can be purchased or rented, eliminating any delay in solving your facility’s odor issues.

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EcoPure Mini Economics
The EcoPure® Mini is extremely cost effective compared to activated carbon, especially when evaluated on a Net Present Value (NPV) basis. One of the key benefits of the EcoPure® Mini is its low operating cost, due to the fact that our microorganisms work for free. The EcoPure® Mini’s operating cost stays virtually constant, whereas the operating cost of a carbon system increases proportionally with increases in the H2S odor concentration. The chart below shows the NPV comparison between the EcoPure® Mini and an activated carbon system over a 10 year period.

Spec Sheet
epm-specs Click Here to Zoom EcoPure Mini, Net Present Value Diagram


USA and Worldwide patents pending