Our products

Our cutting-edge treatment systems are custom-built to suit your site and its unique odor or emission challenges.


A state-of-the-art biotrickling filter relying on microorganisms to metabolize odorous or polluting compounds in a small footprint with cheap, easy maintenance.


A two-stage filter combining biotrickling filter technology with a long-life activated carbon system for the lowest possible emissions for any facility.

EcoPure Mini®

All the benefits of the two-stage EcoPure system but much smaller—and much more cost-effective.


A cost-effective solution for treating low-level odor and VOC emissions and featuring exceptionally long-life activated carbon.


Versatile water treatment technology featuring superior mass transfer properties.


Efficient and reliable odor and emission control in a small footprint.


Widely-used traditional biofiltration system ideal for lower concentrations of odors or emissions.

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