EcoPure; a Double-Barreled Odor Control Solution Available for All Applications
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dual-tech filter

The two-stage solution for the lowest possible emissions
With EcoPure® from BioAir, odor complaints are a thing of the past – even for facilities in sensitive locations near housing developments or public facilities.

EcoPure® delivers a double-barreled odor control solution: the unmatched performance of our proprietary biotrickling filtering system and EcoBase® media technology, combined with an EcoSorb polishing step. The result: the lowest emissions possible!

Exceptionally long carbon life
Get the benefits of carbon without the high expense! By combining activated carbon with the air purification power of our breakthrough EcoFilter® biotrickling filter with EcoBase® synthetic media (patent pending), the carbon life is extended by up to 10 times over that of typical carbon filters.

Available for all applications
With this exceptional new product, two-stage odor control is no longer suitable for pump stations only! EcoPure® delivers the same reliability and performance for larger applications – a single unit can treat air streams from 100 cfm to 7,000 cfm.

Using carbon?
BioAir can turn your existing carbon filter into an EcoPure®, simply by adding our cost-effective EcoFilter® unit in front. You’ll get 10 times the carbon life, and extremely low emissions!

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USA and Worldwide patents pending